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Reuniting Lost Dragons and their Owners

Reuniting lost eggs and dragons with their owners
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If you've lost an egg or hatchling on Dragon Cave from a trade or gifting, look for it here
Sometimes, trading or gifting goes wrong. Whether you were giving something as a gift, trading with someone, or simply dropped an egg you didn't mean to.

The first place you should go if you've lost something or found something is the official Lost In Trades thread on the dragcave forums.

But this is a great second bet! Since lost egg searches were starting to leak onto several Dragon Cave related livejournal communities, they now have a central home on LJ!

1) Be nice. Remember it's only a game.

2) Please be as descriptive as you can in posting a lost or found egg or hatchling. Good things to include in your post
-Gender (if applicable)
-Time you lost or found it
-Dragon's Code (if lost. Feel free to change caps if that makes you more comfortable)

3) DO NOT post scroll names. The new feature on the cave may give you a scroll name of where your lost egg or hatchling has gone. You can use that name within the forums to try and PM someone, but DO NOT use it here as a way of calling someone out (e.g. "So and so I know you have my egg, give it back!")

4) PLEASE understand that no one has any obligation to return a lost egg or hatchling. Trading and gifting is risky, and when you choose to abandon an egg or hatchling you accept the risk that someone else might take it. Some people are willing to return lost eggs and hatchlings, others are not. That's life.
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