Reuniting Lost Dragons and their Owners

Lost Ridiculous Princess Bride Eggs
Buttercup Love
I caught one of these, but it disappeared when I clicked to my scroll. It wasn't really lost in trade. I bred them. I'd really like to get one back.

Breed: summer
Special lineage: Ridiculous - Princess Bride themed
Parents: Ridiculous Princess Buttercup x Ridiculous Westley
Code: Rsb9 (this was the one I 'caught' before it disappeared) or LJ32

I will breed any sort of replacement to get one of these back. Thank you!

Lost in trade
the boys on the beach
cajunsunshyne was trading me a cheese hatchling, we lost 2 of them in a row. :(

If any one has the codes: Q16y or sb9g (caps messed up) and is willing/able to return them I can try to breed you anything off my scroll or put you down as an IOU on an altblack from Armee Noir?

Lost Stripe
Status: Lost
Type: egg
Breed: white stripe - silver/stripe lineage was bred on request for me
Code: Lnu*
Lister: Nalyua
Receiver: Ahavah
Please PM: Ahavah

Offer for reward: I can breed stripes, or give you something else if you like.

Very Sad
Lost in trade
Sunset Hatchling
Time: 8:50pm 7/08/09

Please if you pick it up by accident... please contac me. I really wanted that hatchling and my connection just wasn't quick enough. I'm so very sad about this.

Bad day for trading.
Dryad- Fantasia
Status: Lost
Type Hatchling
Breed: Green Stripe
Time: 7:08 PM EST
Code: 3zpg

Contact me if you have it. Can breed a replacement stripe for its return. I will even keep the stripe egg I breed until it hatches.

(no subject)
Dryad- Fantasia
Status: Lost
Type: Female Hatchling
Breed: Red
Code: epuc
Time: 2:45 PM EST
Sender: 1000meere (scroll)
Reciever: Me
PM: me (thenameisplissken on DC or ladyadiratyree on AIM)

I am willing to breed for her return. She is for a breeding project.

Yet Again
Status: Lost
Type: Hatchling
Breed: Purebred Ridiculous Frill
Code: sHDi
Time: 10 am EST
Sender: Eden & Ivy
Receiver: Ahavah
Please PM: Ahavah

I've needed a mate for my pureblood for some time. Please give this lineaged egg back, and I'll breed you any replacement you like. Thank you!

Bite your tail - Res
Alt Vine
Code: 0*V9
When: Just a moment ago
Reciever: ME!

Please give it back! Its something i desperately want in my collection, please!

You can have anything I can breed on my scroll, anything I can GET for you, please give back the hatchling! Its got a valentine mother and I really really want it back! Please?

you can pm me here, PM 'Res' on Dragcave Forums, Ping me on AIM (HarpingHeart) or on YM (ResQdog51)

Lost Alt Black
Status: Lost
Breed: Alt Black hatchling (sitting)
Code: ijFG
Sender: me
Receiver: trekwriter
Please PM: me or trekwriter!

Lost Gold Dorkface :(
Status: Lost
Breed: Gold Dorkface (my first!)
Code: *ZsX
Sender: Sscott3825
Receiver: Ahavah
Please PM: Ahavah

I'll be glad to offer up a gold or dorkface. I've been trying for a gold dorkface myself with little luck, so I'd really like to get this back.

Edit: easy_living has offered a replacement. Although if you found it, I'd still like to know since this was a gift. Maybe we can work something out. Thanks!


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