Reuniting Lost Dragons and their Owners

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rusty_chevy wrote in dragcave_lost
TYPE: Egg - close to hatching
BREED: Autumn
CODE: UaBf (caps messed)
TIME: around 1:20 pm MST
SENDER: Rusty Chevy
PLEASE PM: me here on LJ or Rusty Chevrolet on the DC forum
OFFER FOR RETURN: I haven't got much except my 6th Gen Autumn Dorkface, but I'll breed you a Dork or anything else on my scroll that you like.

This was to be in trade for a gold hatchling - I got my gold okay, but my benefactor didn't receive her egg, and I feel really bad about it. :( So I'd *really* like to have this one returned.

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I Don't have it, but...

Was there anything special about the egg? Just asking in case I might be able to replace it. Best of luck finding it. :/

Re: I Don't have it, but...

Well, it was a Dorkface (from the 6G Dork I mentioned), which was why it was worth a metallic. ;) If worse comes to worst I'll breed my Dork again next week and try the trade again. Thanks for the offer! :)

Is the person on the forums or anything? I can try breeding him or her a replacement.

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